Vlogs coming soon…in the meantime, check out these outfits!


#OOOTD Floral Skirt & Crop Toppin’

Let me say that I love this outfit. I have a lot of crop tops. I am not even in great shape so I don’t know why I keep buying them. Because of this addiction – I’m always thinking of ways to make my crops work appropriate. I paired these two together on whim since I’ve had the skirt and the top forever. This outfit is super easy to recreate and it’s office appropriate.

The Top: Cooperative sold by Urban Outfitters and no longer for sale

The Skirt: The skirt is sold out on Asos.com but Links to look-a-likes are below.

The Boots: Steve Madden High Ankle

PicMonkey Collage (2).jpg

More floral skirts on Asos.com here


#OOTD The ultimate Little Black Dress

I bought this dress from Asos a few months ago and had the chance to wear it for the first time last weekend at the SF MoAD Gala. I love a simple dress (I’m not really a sequin girl) so being able to dress something up or down is what I live for. Of course, this dress is no longer in stock on Asos but I found a beautiful dress with a similar silhouette at Bloomingdales and the link is below! And…yes this dress was petite but I loved it and didn’t care! (lol) The shoes are super comfy by Coach. They are actually on sale now so buy them!!

This shape and mid-drift cutout accentuates the smallest part of a woman’s body, exaggerating the hourglass figure. See the dress here!



#OOTD Blue Jean Wrap Dress


Yassssss. I freakin’ love this dress. I purchased this dress about a year ago from Madewell. When I shop at Madewell I don’t always walk out with items, and that is OK because I will always peruse their store for gems like this one. I can see myself wearing this dress 1,000 more times because it is extremely comfortable and you can dress it up or down. This weekend I decided to dress it down by pairing it with my Steve Madden “Suzy” booties in “tan” which is the perfect color for my brown skin! If you take anything away from this post, remember that you must always accentuate the smallest part of your waist and slay.


How To: Sophisticated Head Wrap

I’m always looking for new ways to protect my natural hair and I’ve wanted to wear a head wrap to work so many times! However, I always hesitate because I work in an extremely conservative environment and I’ve never felt as though the styles that most women wear were sophisticated or professional enough. I taught myself this technique today and I loved it. I will be wearing this scarf to work tomorrow and I am certain I will look chic. See how I styled this look below.



#OOTD The most comfortable dress on earth


I am always looking for a dress that I can dress up with heels and dress down with booties or kicks. This BCBG dress came into my life two weeks ago while shopping at Macy’s and I fell so in love that I bought two! The fabric is super soft sueded jersey and the asymmetrical hem with mini skirt underneath makes the entire ensemble really exy. I own this dress in Khaki and blue. There is only one color left online and that is a muted hot pink color called “Ambrosia.” That is the bad news, the good news is that this dress is on sale for $99 with an additional 40% off. You’re welcome.