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My Current Boujee Beauty Essentials

If you’ve followed me for a while you know I am boujee, rachet classy, all of that. I have come across a few simple products that make me feel luxurious so I thought that I would share these with you.

L’Occitane Almond Shower Oil    almond

This crap makes me feel sexy. The smell is gentle and seductive. It’s an oil that dissolves into a slightly lathery bath wash when water is applied in the shower. It does not leave your shower slippery like other oils and it leaves my skin so extremely soft. The smell is an almond scent like many of the other L’Occintane products and I just love it. I worked at Nordstrom in college and I didn’t really like the scent of the almond creme but after using the body oil, the smells really compliment each other and should be used together.



Mario Bandescu Acne Facial Cleanser

I really feel like this cleanser is doing something, and that’s the entire goal right? I have decent skin but my eczema breakouts can ruin a month for me skin-wise. Since I’ve been using this cleanser I have experienced fewer breakouts. Even when I do breakout (in what looks like tiny hives all over my face) there are no whiteheads and it clears up fairly quickly. This cleanser is gentle, non drying, and doesn’t seem to have a fragrance. I am not sure it it’s fragrance free. The main ingredients are Salicylic Acid for acne and Aloe for it’s skin soothing properties.

Sheet Clips For Your Bed   nyche

Beauty sleep is included in this montage because we all need it! I don’t know why I went through waking up with the sheet halfway off the bed for so many years sleeping with my husband. We have been using these for our sheets for about a year now and we have no issues with the sheets coming off at all. You put the sheet on the bed, and use the clips underneath the mattress to hold on tight. It’s a lifesaver. The link above are the exact clips I bought on Amazon.


Divine Body Oil by Caudalie Caudalie

This four oil body oil smells really interesting. A lot of women online rave about how they love it and I will admit that I didn’t like it at first. It probably has something to do with my childhood but I haven’t pinpointed the association lol. With that being said, once this oil is on the skin, you feel clean and sexy and like a grown a** woman! It really does leave your skin super soft and supple. I use it by itself or by mixing it with my lotions for a fragrance add. Mix it with your regular lotion by adding two drops of the Divine Oil into your palm and I guarantee that this will change your life (and your man will wonder what got into you).

Share your boujee beauty secrets with me y’all!


Rihanna Fenty Beauty – My Review


Hey Y’all I am excited (just like every other brown girl who wears makeup right now) to be talking about RiRi’s beauty line. I went to Sephora last Saturday, the day after the line dropped) to test her products and I was so pleasantly surprised. Here is what I think.


The Price: I was so happy to see that Ri priced her items reasonably. $25 – $35 foundation is reasonable for luxury products and that is what Fenty Beauty is. The liquid foundation and the powder products seem to be the best bang for their buck since the packaging seemed generous. The cream highlighters and matte foundations stix weren’t as generous (I rolled them all the way up in the store to see how much product was offered) but they are also $25 which is about right for makeup these days.

The Foundation: I did not buy any foundation for a few reasons. The main reason is that I have my foundation routine down and I really don’t need additional or new products. That is one thing I suggest to all men and women wearing makeup. When you have something that works for you, stick with it unless you need to change. I also found that the liquid foundation was very thin. I have a few scars on my face and the liquid would not cover these even after I tried to build. The #420 in the liquid was a PERFECT match for my skin but it didn’t seem to provide as much coverage as I need at the moment. The matte match stix were very very nice too. If I needed foundation I would have purchased the match stix for sure. The coverage was nice and buildable. When I first applied it, it looked a bit too light but a few minutes later it was a PERFECT match too! I believe I was the color “Truffle” in the match stix. When shopping for foundation always go into the store bare faced. Don’t try on makeup with makeup on your face. Also, don’t let anyone rush you! Go outside, take photos with and without flash. Make sure the makeup is a match indoors and outdoors so that you don’t regret your purchase. Fenty Beauty was light on the skin and looked flawless.

The Highlighters: I LOVE THEM. Colors for fair and dark skinned girls, yes! I tried on so many highlighters. I chose “Rum.” Many of them started to look the same on my dark skin but Rum complimented my skin in a way that the others didn’t. I am so happy with it. I have worn it to work every day this week lol. My coworkers probably think I’m doing too much but I don’t care. Honestly, you can make these highlighters look soft and subtle or pack them on and look like a glow stick if you want. They are buildable as well.

The Gloss: I don’t try on lip products in the store so I bought the gloss blind. I’ve been looking for a sheer gloss that wasn’t sticky for the longest so I thought that I would take a risk. My top lip is dark and my bottom lip is pink – on me the gloss is clear. $18 for a clear gloss, yes, it’s a splurge but the gloss has some shimmer and it NOT STICKY – thank the LAWD. I don’t regret this gloss purchase at all because I put it on top of all my pink lip liners for the perfect pink shiny pout.


Overall, I love Rihanna’s collection. I didn’t try the blot papers because, why? I also didn’t see any brushes at my store so I didn’t try those either. I could have missed them because everyone was crowding around the display. The highlighters and the focus on skin is definitely worth a try plus the packaging is super cute.


My Brow & Flawless Skin Routine (15 min)

Y’all know I am down to help a sister out right? Well, I get so many compliments on my skin and brows I wanted to take the time to show you all how I do it. I have times where my skin is absolutely flawless, and times (like now) when my skin has a lot of acne scars due to eczema and wedding stress! As an on-camera actress, it is unacceptable for me to show up to auditions with terrible skin. Here’s my 15 minute routine for covering my scars and creating a flawless foundation. I do not color correct every day. I only do this when I need to look flawless or when I simply have the time to do it – like on weekends. However, I know everyone can take 15 minutes a day to get this routine down and look flawless with little effort!

Here is what I used for my brows:

  1. Dax Wax – Black men use this on their hair for wave control. I use it on my brows because my hairs are very curly and wild. A very thin layer on the finger and on the brows. No, this has never broken my out.
  2. NYX Brow Brush/Pencil – I’m only using the brush to this tool right now. I used to use the pencil as well but I like M.A.C better. You can use any brush to brush your brows up.
  3. M.A.C Spiked Brow Pencil – Spiked is the color. I know there is a cheaper alternative to this pencil out there – I’m just too lazy to order it online and I buy two of these at a time at the M.A.C store lol.
  4. Eco Tools Angled Brush – See! I just did some of the work for you. Here is a link to a brush set that gives you two of the things you need for this look! You can also buy eco tools at CVS/Walgreens.
  5. Tarte Shape Tape in Deep – I used this on my brows.

Here is what I used for my face:

  1. LA Girl Pro Concealer – Lot’s of other orange concealers on the market have white undertones which can look ashy on darker skin. This concealer is also better because it dries quickly so it covers better!
  2. Graftobian Creme in Burnt Amber – The best foundation that ever lived. For every single woman on earth from light to dark. Sorry, they do not sell in stores but if you invest in a small palette with several colors to find your match, you will reap the benefits for the rest of your life.
  3. Tarte Shape Tape in Deep – I bought this for my wedding. The BEST DECISION EVER. I am only wearing this on my face right now since I was in a hurry this morning. This stuff is legit.
  4. Elf Flawless Concealer Brush – I only use this brush on my face. I use it to blend and blend and blend! It’s $3 and it works like magic!

If you have any questions about this routine, drop a comment below and I will answer it!


Colourpop Lippies Play No Games


First, I love the name of this article. I’ve heard lots about Colourpop cosmetics especially after Karrueche Tran debuted her lips colors with the brand. While Colourpop is affordable – I really hate buying makeup online. I know all Brown Girls can relate to the fact that colors never look the same way that we imagine they will look on us and how dangerous purchasing makeup online is. I was served an ad for Colourpop on Instagram or Facebook (I can’t remember which once) stating that their matte lip colors were on sale for $5.00 a pop so I had to give them a try!

First let me say that Colourpop is one of the ONLY brands that makes an effort to show how their colors look on darker skin tones. I really appreciate this because as I mentioned – I hate the guessing games! Not all of their colors are shown on dark skin but they make an effort.

My lippies took about a week to arrive which seemed a bit long because I was so excited. The packaging is super cute. I love the simplicity of it and I also appreciated more information about all of their lip textures in a mini-catalog. I ordered “Kae,” “Rooch,” and “Bianca.”


My first lippie inspired the name of this article. “Kae.” I wore “Kae” first to one of my comedy shows and it lasted all evening and I could not get it off! When I got home I rubbed and rubbed my lips to death. I used coconut oil and while I thought most of it was off, when I woke up the next day Kae was still on my lips! I am not even mad Kae girl – that’s what I get for not owning makeup remover. I really like the color of Kae. It’s a browngirl nube but it also has some red-rust undertones to it and it goes on like a dream – really pretty.


Rooch” is my absolute favorite of the three! If you know me you know that I am obsessed with reds. I realized that I look amazing in red lipstick and when you find what works honey you just roll with it. This color reminds me of blood! It is very very rich in color and has the perfect blend of red and blue undertones for brown skin. I am serious – every brown girl should own this color! My lips were poppin’ in this color but I must warn you. Even with my luscious lips I could have used a lip liner prior to applying Rooch. This is mainly because this is a liquid lipstick that sticks on the lips as soon as it is applied – as soon as it touches your lips it is not going anywhere. All of the colors also dry very quickly which is great because you can re-apply quickly but, if you are precise in your application you will look like a hooker. I work this color for nine hours, no re-application no touch ups.


Last is “Bianca.” Bianca is my life story as a black woman. This color was not represented on brown skin on the website and I will never make that mistake again! I look like a hood chick lol. My lips look ashy. If you’re wearing this color, stop. Who wants this color? I’ll let you have it – lol. Seriously though, this color is so creamy and smooth I might be able to pair it with a brown lip liner and make it work…to be determined.



Kiehls Creme de Corps – Review


Let me first say that as an ashy black woman, I know what the hell I am talking about when it comes to body cremes and lotions. I’ve tried all kinds of lotions and cremes because I am obsessed with being moisturized but not greasy or oily. I was using coconut oil before and while it’s the more “organic” choice, it leaves me way too oily. I also don’t want to be dry after I put on lotion like many store brands leave you feeling. The skin should be perfectly moisturized and supple.

Now, let me also say that I am cost conscious when it comes to most things that I buy and lotion is one of those things. It’s LOTION! I didn’t buy the Kiehls lotion for myself. My boss bought it for me for Christmas. WHY? I hate when people buy me expensive things that I end up loving making – my life so luxurious that I can never turn back to the cheap stuff. Actually, I love it BUT now I can never go back.

Kiehls Creme de Corps body creme is amazing. The scent is very light which makes it a perfect product for men and women. After using it my skin has a light sheen and it makes the roughest parts of the body soft. I honestly feel so beautiful after application and a little goes a long way. I love that it gives the body a sheen without being oily. There’s something quite sexy about a soft sheen on the body at any given time – right? I have the 16oz bottle and I’ve had it since December so it really isn’t a bad value. The 16oz bottle is $48.00.

My boss also gave me the body wash which is trash. I like for my body washes to foam up in the shower and this one doesn’t. I understand, it’s a body creme wash and it isn’t meant to foam up. I also know that most soaps that foam up a lot have artificial ingredients, however, I would be able to let the lack of foam slide if I felt really clean after using the wash – but I don’t. It kind of feels like I’m in the shower and I rub creme all over myself, then I rinse it off. No bubbles, no squeaky clean feeling – nothing. The cleanser is $22.00 and certainly not worth the price.

Well, I am almost out of Corps de Creme so I will be coming out of the pocket for that $50 next week! #yolo



Honest Company Deodorant Review


I am not sure if y’all know this but I am sort of a granola girl. I don’t eat meat, I always buy organic, and I am recently trying to pay more attention to what I put on my body as well. I was shopping at Marshalls (I go there every week) and they had these Honest Company spray deodorants for $3.99 each so I bought two. I’ve been using Donna Karan Cashmere Mist deodorant for at least five years now and it’s amazing but I have no idea what I’m putting near my boobs. I started using the Honest brand for two weeks now and I honestly love them!

  • They’re aluminum, paraben, talc, and fragrance free!
  • They’re not sticky at all and they spray on and air dry.
  • You should re-apply throughout the day as needed (I haven’t needed to take these to work with me to re-apply so it’s not that crucial)

The good: These things smell AMAZING. The Vetiver smells kind of like a cologne but it has a grassy smell to it. I love masculine fragrances so this one is my fav. The Vetiver also fights odor more than the other. The other fragrance is Bergamont-Sage and it has more of a light citrus fragrance.

The bad: Don’t think that you’re going to workout in these things and they will hold up, they won’t. I sweat a lot so I had sweat dripping directly from my armpits down my elbows at the gym while wearing these. If you work in an office, these are perfect – if you work in a factory, you’ll probably need more than this. My fiance doesn’t like them because he says I “smell as If I’m over 45.” He thinks I smell old.  He prefers I wear something more trendy and less natural so that’s a bummer. Overall, I recommend them. Even if you want to give your armpits a break from chemicals every now and then but are too afraid to go without deodorant.

My favorite smell is on sale right now on!


Nicki Minaj Inspired Hair


Of course, I follow Nicki on IG and when she posted this style I fell in love. First let me say that I’m super excited about explosion of the knotless braid technique. It’s super natural looking and really sophisticated. Knotless means that the stylist consistently adds extensions to the braid as she braids, rather than starting with a bundle (or knot) of extension hair at the beginning of a braid.]


I actually really love this top and you can get it for $10 on American Apparel. It is a true wrap top and one of my favorites for an easy outfit match!


The Truth About Christian Louboutins

This is less of a blog post and more of a PSA – THEY HURT.louboutin

We look at women every day on Instagram showing these shoes off next to their expensive handbags and fancy cars but I need you to understand that these women are in pain. These women are suffering and no one is doing anything about it. My fiance bough me a pair of “Red Bottoms” five years ago and I’ve worn them exactly that many times.


DEY HERT! I’ve spoken to multiple women who agree with me. None of them are the wives of ball players or housewives at all – just normal women with normal feet and we won’t have it. One person suggested I get them stretched for comfort. If I owned wooden shoes and went to get them stretched would that make them more comfy? Hell no. They’d just be stretched uncomfortable freaking wooden shoes. I wore these shoes to John’s Holiday work party last year and I thought I was going to loose both my feet. No really, I almost cried. I could barely walk the next day. I don’t believe in taking off cocktail shoes in public so I suffered through it and I haven’t touched them since. I was convinced that if modern slavery came to fruition I would be picking cotton all day in my Louboutin shoes on the streets of San Francisco as my punishment. Don’t y’all dare desire these shoes again…..they’re miserable. I mean, just look at women’s feet when they wear them! Their veins are popping out, they’re all contorted, or they’re not even standing up…smh.


Perfectly Moisturized Twist Out on 4C

My hair is true 4C texture (with some heat damage mixed in) so I have a VERY hard time keeping my hair moisturized. It gets so dry so easily and I have FINALLY found the right blend of products to keep my mane tamed! I repeat this is for 4C hair and could be too heavy of a routine for other textures, so adjust as needed.

Here are the items I used:
Shea Moisture Coconut Oil:
Creme of Nature Argan Leave in Conditioner:
Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie:
A really good brush by Conair that I purchased on Target.


What I Think: Fresh Cosmetics Soy Cleanser & Rose Face Mask


We all love Sephora don’t we? I received these samples from Sephora about a month ago and I’ve been using them sporadically by inserting them into by beauty routine in place of my regular products. Here is what I think:

Soy Face Cleanser: The cleanser was very gentle – almost too gentle for me lol. I really enjoy exfoliates and scrubs so having a cleanser that was so gentle and gel-like made me wonder whether the product was doing anything. The description of this product mentions that it is great for removing makeup – false! It is not good for removing the 1/2 inch of makeup I wear on my face honey, but it does leave your skin very soft and supple. I would recommend this cleanser for someone who has dry and sensitive skin. I do have eczema breakouts and this is a nice product for those with eczema or similar rough skin issues. With that being said, I would not purchase this cleanser for myself because it does not address the issues that are on the top of my list (even skin tone, blemish preventing, pores).

Rose Face Mask: I will first say that I typically hate the smell of rose, but I could bathe in this rose face mask. I don’t know if I’m getting old or what but this mask smelled amazing. It goes on clear and dries clear as well. The mask is very gentle. It doesn’t dry tight nor does it dry out the skin. After rinsing this mask off you will feel smooth, soft, moisturized, and baby supple skin underneath. This is a great mask to apply before makeup as it leaves a very soft foundation for – foundation! The price is quite steep ($62) for a product that does not provide a noticeable difference after a month. I didn’t see much of a difference in my skin but again, if you have dry skin this is a perfect choice. I would consider purchasing this mask and Fresh’s other rose products because the rose scent made me feel so sexy!


Nude Lip For Chocolate Skin

It is so very difficult to find a nude lip color that fits brown, chocolate, melanin queen, sun-kissed girls like me! I am constantly creating my own combos and I am sharing one of my favorite combos with you in this video. There are only two products that I use to create this look (since most YouTubers are using over 75 items these days). Please share your nude combos below, no matter what skin tone you are! I’d love to see how you accomplish your nude lip.


“Photo” lipstick by M.A.C & “Lust” lip glass by M.A.C