(Danny) Trejos Cantina – Hollywood, CA

John and I were enjoying the market in Hollywood today and we decided to eat at Trejos Cantina. We’ve heard a few folks rave about this place so we decided to try it on a whim. Its really cool because this Cantina is owned by famous “bad boy” actor Danny Trejos.

danny trejo

When we walked in it was pretty empty so we were seated immediately. My first impression was that the place was not that clean. There were a few crumbs on the table and several crumbs on the chair at the table next to us. I was thinking “Did y’all have a rush before we got here because its 12pm – WTF?” As we perused the menu we noticed that you could add your choice of protein to any of the Mexican entrees on the menu. My husband likes shrimp a lot but the only shrimp choice was “Spicy Shrimp.” We asked if they could make the spicy shrimp mild. The server told us that “the shrimp are marinated in a sauce so they could not do that.” She also said that the only mild shrimp on the menu came in a particular dish (I don’t remember) with garlic butter shrimp. When she came back to the table we asked if they could use garlic butter shrimp in the burrito and she said “we just can’t do it guys, no.” I was getting annoyed. So, john ordered the spicy shrimp burrito anyway – with no avocado crema since he is allergic to avocado.

We also started off with two orders of street corn – $6 a piece for a tiny bowl of corn. Street CornIt was room temperature and my popcorn on top was stale. That was a no for me dog. Then when our entrees came, my husband took one bite of his burrito and two minutes later the sever came over and told us “the kitchen told me they put avocado crema on your burrito on accident.” DAWG! John is allergic to avocado!! They took his burrito back and remade it.


I ordered the spicy shrimp bowl with rice, beans, salsa, lettuce and cheese and it was BASIC AF. The shrimp was not even spicy at all. The server saw me pouring the table hot sauce on my dish and asked me if I wanted habanero sauce. I told her yes but it tasted sweet like mango habanero. Y’all lost me. You barely had me when I walked in but you’ve all the way lost me now. The new burrito was a bust with John. Without the avocado crema inside the burrito it was just shrimp, beans, and cheese and john was not pleased. He actually took one bit and we took the rest to go. We are 100% sure that the server was so busy having an attitude that she forgot to tell the kitchen “no avocado crema.”


They took off one of the $6 tiny corns for our inconvenience. We paid our $42 bill but we could have had a better meal from Chipotle. We won’t be back.


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