Michael Mina – San Francisco

My husband is very spontaneous. That is actually one of the things I love about him. He had been traveling for weeks so he made reservations at Michael Mina’s restaurant for us and told me we were going when I got home from work. Of course I was not dressed up and neither was John.We knew this restaurant was fancy but who cares! Mina’s restaurant has won many awards and is one of the best in this city of great food.

We walked in and we were greeted immediately and seated. The decor is very nice. The large mirrors in the dining area are stunning and the booth seating was comfy. We also noticed that Stephen Curry’s sister works there as a hostess which was a shocker. We were handed the menus and there are two course options – Chef’s tasting menu (where you don’t know what you’re getting) or five courses of your choice. We chose the five course option since we weren’t sure how large the portions are and wanted to play it safe. Disclaimer: we ate here a week ago and there were so many courses and large words on the menu that I barely remember what I ate so I’m going to do my best.

The firs bite of food was compliments of the chef included the most delicious oyster I have ever had in my life. It melted in my mouth! It came with a piece of wonderful Hamachi with tiny pieces of radish on top and another piece of fish that was underwhelming but the jalapeno helped since I get excited anytime I see jalapeno.



For the first course John and I chose Dungeness Crab Chawanmushi. Chawanmushi s a Japanese egg custard. I had never had anything like this dish before. It tasted like black pepper in a very fragrant oil with Dungeness crab on top of an egg custard (pictured below). It was the best piece of crab I’ve ever had however I am not sure if I liked the dish. I definitely didn’t dislike it. It was just so unfamiliar that I would like to have it again just to see how I feel about it since I wouldn’t be caught off guard by the custard element.


For our second course John got the Spanish bluefin tuna course and I got the Caledonia prawn course. We didn’t realize that the second course focuses on the proteins listed about but serves them three different ways. This was a nice element. I only tried John’s tuna tartare and it was good but it’s not the best tartare I’ve ever had. The bread served with the tartare was much too dry. On the other hand, the prawn appetizer was amazing. Each prawn was cooked perfectly and they all were infused with Thai flavors which I really enjoyed. I am obsessed with Thai food so this was a treat.

Our fourth course was a pasta course and while I remember being happy with it, I don’t remember it. It was not memorable at all. The final savory course we chose was fish. John chose Sea Bass three ways and I had a different kind of fish. I actually didn’t think it was the best entree I’ve ever had. It lacked the abundance of flavors that the other courses had and I honestly forgot about that course too! The photos of our main courses are below.

Desert was amazing though. It began with a shaved ice palette cleanser with fresh watermelon. It was so amazing. I tried not to eat it all or I would appear less classy (lol). The finale was a roasted peach tartare. A half peach with a sweet glaze on top of a peach jam and a cookie made of crust with peach sorbet. This dessert was the highlight of my life. It was amazing. I could eat it a million times over and fall in love each time. shave

Ultimately will I visit MM again? Probably not. The dinner was quite expensive and while I was impressed with a lot of the elements of the dinner, I’ve had cheaper dinners worth much more in regards to flavors and experience. If you have an extra few hundred dollars and a very special occasion you should still visit because, yolo!


Price: $$$$$




One thought on “Michael Mina – San Francisco

  1. Hi Jazmyn,

    Love your blog. You mentioned it in your interview with Tia. I am editing your video and will upload it on Youtube as part of PR for the movie. I saw Michael Mina’s restaurant referenced in your blog, and just had to make a comment. Did you know that I wrote about and described Michael Mina’s restaurant in my last book, BRANDON’S ARTISTIC PASSION, which received 5 stars on Amazon?

    Take Care, Janice

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