Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty – My Review

Hey Y’all I am excited (just like every other brown girl who wears makeup right now) to be talking about RiRi’s beauty line. I went to Sephora last Saturday, the day after the line dropped) to test her products and I was so pleasantly surprised. Here is what I think.


The Price: I was so happy to see that Ri priced her items reasonably. $25 – $35 foundation is reasonable for luxury products and that is what Fenty Beauty is. The liquid foundation and the powder products seem to be the best bang for their buck since the packaging seemed generous. The cream highlighters and matte foundations stix weren’t as generous (I rolled them all the way up in the store to see how much product was offered) but they are also $25 which is about right for makeup these days.

The Foundation: I did not buy any foundation for a few reasons. The main reason is that I have my foundation routine down and I really don’t need additional or new products. That is one thing I suggest to all men and women wearing makeup. When you have something that works for you, stick with it unless you need to change. I also found that the liquid foundation was very thin. I have a few scars on my face and the liquid would not cover these even after I tried to build. The #420 in the liquid was a PERFECT match for my skin but it didn’t seem to provide as much coverage as I need at the moment. The matte match stix were very very nice too. If I needed foundation I would have purchased the match stix for sure. The coverage was nice and buildable. When I first applied it, it looked a bit too light but a few minutes later it was a PERFECT match too! I believe I was the color “Truffle” in the match stix. When shopping for foundation always go into the store bare faced. Don’t try on makeup with makeup on your face. Also, don’t let anyone rush you! Go outside, take photos with and without flash. Make sure the makeup is a match indoors and outdoors so that you don’t regret your purchase. Fenty Beauty was light on the skin and looked flawless.

The Highlighters: I LOVE THEM. Colors for fair and dark skinned girls, yes! I tried on so many highlighters. I chose “Rum.” Many of them started to look the same on my dark skin but Rum complimented my skin in a way that the others didn’t. I am so happy with it. I have worn it to work every day this week lol. My coworkers probably think I’m doing too much but I don’t care. Honestly, you can make these highlighters look soft and subtle or pack them on and look like a glow stick if you want. They are buildable as well.

The Gloss: I don’t try on lip products in the store so I bought the gloss blind. I’ve been looking for a sheer gloss that wasn’t sticky for the longest so I thought that I would take a risk. My top lip is dark and my bottom lip is pink – on me the gloss is clear. $18 for a clear gloss, yes, it’s a splurge but the gloss has some shimmer and it NOT STICKY – thank the LAWD. I don’t regret this gloss purchase at all because I put it on top of all my pink lip liners for the perfect pink shiny pout.


Overall, I love Rihanna’s collection. I didn’t try the blot papers because, why? I also didn’t see any brushes at my store so I didn’t try those either. I could have missed them because everyone was crowding around the display. The highlighters and the focus on skin is definitely worth a try plus the packaging is super cute.


2 thoughts on “Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty – My Review

  1. Loved your review! I got a couple things on launch day, but I had to go back and get Rum today as well! It’s gorg and can’t wait for her Holiday Collection! I was so so excited for this launch! Great post! Looking forward to your future content. Check out my Fenty review?
    Mena | femmerewritten.com

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