The Most Comfortable Bra Ever

Now you all know when I find something that I like, I stick with it! (I’ve had the same skincare routine for over a decade – not kidding) I wanted to quickly share the best bra I’ve ever purchased with you all.

Gap Body Breathe Wireless Bra


This bra is wireless but still manages to give me plenty of cleavage. The bra is soooo comfy and since I only own two of them, I end up wearing them over and over all week. I will admit that I wear my bras over and over, judge me. I need to invest in more of them but the good news is that they’re on sale right now on the Gap website. The reason I bought this bra initially was because it was the exact color of my skin tone and I had no choice. As a brown woman, finding a bra in your skin tone is like catching a solar eclipse.

I am a 32D and the bra fits perfectly. Please try these on in the store because we all know how the bra makers are always trying to trick us with their random boobery sizing. You’re Welcome!


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