Four Things I Do When I’m Stressed Out!

Hey y’all I am back! I’ve had a crazy busy schedule the last few weeks and I am back with the perfect post to kick things off. Sometimes I run so fast in life with career, comedy, acting, this blog, and home life that I crash into a brick wall. Growing up I feel like I was taught how to deal with stress, but not reduce and/or reverse stress. I’ve had to teach myself how to to that on my own. When things get hectic I need to reset. We all know that praying and meditating are great ways to relieve stress along with exercise and vacations but what are some things we can do when we open our eyes on a budget? Here are some of the simple things that I do to re-set. Feel free to comment below and tell me what you do.

Whatever the hell I want – This sounds like dumb or really simple advice but after a stressful week at work or a disagreement with the hubby I wake up on my off days and do what I want. Have you ever just done whatever you wanted? I get it, you’re an adult but we’re often still obligated to do things for others or because we’re adulting. Not errands, not anything you promised someone else you’d do, not plans – cancel all of those and do just whatever you desire that moment. When I cut loose from all of my responsibilities I almost feel whimsical. Tension is removed and I dive myself into my desires. Usually this consists of spending over an hour getting ready playing in my makeup, putting on something that makes me feel good – whether I feel pretty or comfortable in sweats – and leave the house with no plans at all. I like to think of myself as a feather…I go where the wind blows me and I don’t come home until the wind blows me back with a clear mind. The last time I did that I went to Nordstrom and tried on dresses and perfumes for a while, I got frozen yogurt, went for a manicure, and had dinner alone at one of my favorite places in the city. Don’t let being broke keep you from floating around your city. There are tons of free and cheap things to do especially if the goal is to clear your mind.

I took this pic sitting on a bench on the Pier in SF. Just sitting.

Spend time outside (Free!) – I didn’t realize how much spending time outside can change my mood for the better until I moved to San Francisco where we have so many parks. Hanging out in the park is a part of Bay Area culture. In Dallas it’s not typical to just go to a park and sit there for hours (or at least it wasn’t when I lived there). Sitting in the park and while people watching with the sun hitting your face and a light lunch makes for an absolute perfect pick me up. Even if you’re not looking for a pick me up, if you’d rather contemplate a tough decision and come to a conclusion – the outdoors is a great conference room. You hear people say all the time that the sun drains you. What’s the big deal if you let it? Go out and allow the sun to melt away your stress. Exercising outside is also a great way to relieve stress. Even if you suck at jogging, get out, put on some headphones, listen to Jay Z’s station on Pandora and “jog-walk” like I do. I jog for two block and walk for four lol. Do a cartwheel. Buy yourself lunch. Buy a homeless person lunch. Give a young kid a $5 bill. Scream. I don’t know what as a society we make screaming sound crazy. Screaming actually helps! Go to the top of a hill and scream.

Cook – Not for anyone else, for you. Try a new recipe for a challenge to get your mind off of things or cook your favorite meal to spark memories of home or your childhood. It’s fine if someone else is there while you cook or to share the meal but don’t cook FOR them. Cook what you want and throw yourself into the recipe. Baking is great for this because it’s so precise you have to pay attention. The only down side about this is that it can be wasteful. I waste a lot of money buying ingredients from scratch I’ll never use again and I have way too many cookies lol.

Turn your music up loud and sing – I seriously do this and anyone that knows me knows it’s true. I turn up Beyonce, Mariah, or Keyshia Cole, whoever screams in their songs and I just sing along like I am a trained vocalist. I can’t explain why it makes me feel better but it just does. This weekend I spent 45 minutes on the couch with SZA’s new album on repeat singing out loud like I was the artist herself. My husband was home but he let me be SZA on the couch – out loud.

The entire point of this article it to remind anyone reading this that feeling stressed is normal and getting over it is about you taking your power back. Feeling good is up to you so think and do the things that make you feel good.



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