Colourpop Matte Lippies Play No Games

First, I love the name of this article. I’ve heard lots about Colourpop cosmetics especially after Karrueche Tran debuted her lips colors with the brand. While Colourpop is affordable – I really hate buying makeup online. I know all Brown Girls can relate to the fact that colors never look the same way that we imagine they will look on us and how dangerous purchasing makeup online is. I was served an ad for Colourpop on Instagram or Facebook (I can’t remember which once) stating that their matte lip colors were on sale for $5.00 a pop so I had to give them a try!

First let me say that Colourpop is one of the ONLY brands that makes an effort to show how their colors look on darker skin tones. I really appreciate this because as I mentioned – I hate the guessing games! Not all of their colors are shown on dark skin but they make an effort.

My lippies took about a week to arrive which seemed a bit long because I was so excited. The packaging is super cute. I love the simplicity of it and I also appreciated more information about all of their lip textures in a mini-catalog. I ordered “Kae,” “Rooch,” and “Bianca.”


My first lippie inspired the name of this article. “Kae.” I wore “Kae” first to one of my comedy shows and it lasted all evening and I could not get it off! When I got home I rubbed and rubbed my lips to death. I used coconut oil and while I thought most of it was off, when I woke up the next day Kae was still on my lips! I am not even mad Kae girl – that’s what I get for not owning makeup remover. I really like the color of Kae. It’s a browngirl nube but it also has some red-rust undertones to it and it goes on like a dream – really pretty.


Rooch” is my absolute favorite of the three! If you know me you know that I am obsessed with reds. I realized that I look amazing in red lipstick and when you find what works honey you just roll with it. This color reminds me of blood! It is very very rich in color and has the perfect blend of red and blue undertones for brown skin. I am serious – every brown girl should own this color! My lips were poppin’ in this color but I must warn you. Even with my luscious lips I could have used a lip liner prior to applying Rooch. This is mainly because this is a liquid lipstick that sticks on the lips as soon as it is applied – as soon as it touches your lips it is not going anywhere. All of the colors also dry very quickly which is great because you can re-apply quickly but, if you are precise in your application you will look like a hooker. I work this color for nine hours, no re-application no touch ups.


Last is “Bianca.” Bianca is my life story as a black woman. This color was not represented on brown skin on the website and I will never make that mistake again! I look like a hood chick lol. My lips look ashy. If you’re wearing this color, stop. Who wants this color? I’ll let you have it – lol. Seriously though, this color is so creamy and smooth I might be able to pair it with a brown lip liner and make it work…to be determined.



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