My Wedding Party Dress!

My husband is Nigerian and one reason I was super excited to be his wife is because of the rich Nigerian culture. He was open to having an American or Nigerian wedding but with most of his family in Texas I didn’t have many resources here in SF to pull off an authentic Naija event. I went to Dallas and discussed getting a Nigerian wedding dress made but it was expensive, I wouldn’t have time to try the dress on and have it refitted as many times as I may need and, it seemed like too much to do in such a short time so I had to re-think my dress.

I decided to search for the perfect elegant gown for my wedding party and add the Nigerian accents to make my event a perfect mix of cultures. I found my dress on I really love Gilt. I only purchase items from the site when I have a special event because they carry high-end pieces but I honestly look at the site daily because….I have issues. lol


The dress was from Halston Heritage. It originally retails for around $700 but I purchased it for $159.00. I had a coupon for $100 off! The dress was also returnable so if I didn’t like it, I could sent it back! Honestly when the dress arrived it didn’t fit the way I dreamed it would. It was baggy around the waist and it felt heavy so I had it altered. The alterations cost $91 and they were more than worth it! The dress fit perfectly and I felt it was simple enough to pair with a Nigerian Gele and traditional jewelry for the Naija touch I desired.

I spent less than $500 on both of my wedding dresses and I have one dress I can wear again – Winning!



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