My Budget Wedding Dress!

I don’t even know how to start this blog post because there are so many points I want to make and I am so excited to share this with you all!

When I first started planning my wedding my budget goal for my entire wedding was $8,000. I soon realized that that budget was impossible for what I wanted. Keep in mind that I said “FOR WHAT I WANTED.” Food, a DJ, and beautiful photos cost that alone even though those are the big ticket items when planning. While I know that I didn’t have the fanciest, most luxurious wedding ever – it was certainly amazing, gorgeous and an experience! With that being said I knew that a being extremely practical when it came to my dress would make a huge difference when it came to my budget. Wedding dresses can cost anywhere from $300 – $3,000 and my mission was to find a beautiful dress on a budget!

I must be realistic with you ladies when I say that I have the kind of body that can make any dress look good. I’m not saying this to be cocky at all it’s just the truth. (the truf) I wear a size 2-4 and I rarely need alterations. This made my search much easier. Right around the time that I began planning my wedding, Asos began promoting their bridal line. I searched their site because it was affordable and I noticed my dress immediately. I looked on the website every day and I kept watching the dress over and over and over on the runway. I shop at Asos faithfully and I know I can trust the Asos brand (they sell some brands that I don’t trust) so I was willing to take a chance on purchasing a wedding dress from them for a few reasons:

  1. They have free returns so I could purchase a dress and if it looked terrible in person I could return it. This came in handy because I purchased a size 2 initially and it wouldn’t even zip up! I went back to the site and returned the size 2, then ordered a size 4 “tall.”
  2. Their website has a runway. You can see your items live. See how they flow, see how they look when they move. This feature alone helps me make decisions on quality and fit that photos alone just can’t help me with.
  3. They sell limited quantities. I can’t even find my dress online for you all! They sold out of the dress in regular and tall lengths and I feel like I had a unique dress that won’t be found over and over.
  4. I trust the Asos brand – plain and simple.


My wedding dress had no alterations. I bought it, my dad ironed it at the hotel the day before the wedding and I wore it and it ended up being perfect!

Me and Dad

It could have used a few tweaks but they weren’t significant enough nor was my dress expensive enough for me to invest in it.  It cost me $175. One hundred and seventy five dollars people! I bought it eight months before my wedding and kept it in my closet. My husband didn’t see the dress before the day of but when I told him the price, he questioned whether it would even be nice! Even he understood that wedding dresses are not cheap, but mine was!


I must be honest – a few weeks before my wedding I became insecure about the fact that I didn’t pay $3,000 for my dress. I wondered if people would think it looked cheap and I questioned whether I would look stunning in it but my mom calmed me down. Please remember that you will wear your dress once – for a few hours! I kept reminding myself that this was a wedding and while it’s an important day, it’s just a day. I actually get joy out of the fact that I spent less than $200 on my dress and I got so many compliments on it. Yaaasssss!








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