Honeymoon Part I – Singapore

Singapore was the first and the last stop on our honeymoon since we had 24 hour layover each way. We flew 15 hours from San Francisco to Singapore, stayed overnight and flew to Phuket, Thailand the next day. There are a few things you’ll hear about Singapore and yes the rumors are true. Singapore is extremely clean – so much so that it is illegal to chew gum there! It’s also very hot an humid – VERY humid – geese Louise! I am from Texas so I’m used to the heat but it was sticky. Even with all of that it is one of the most beautiful, flower-filled cities I’ve ever seen.


We stayed at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. The hotel details were exquisite and it was spacious and art-filled. I love a nice hotel but after quite a few five star stays I’ve realized that a hotel is a hotel. It’s really a no-brainer to stay at five star hotels on your honeymoon but I think in the future, I’ll be going for more three – four star hotels in established countries. Especially if I’m just traveling casually. If you are traveling to third world countries, its best to go with the best, but for most of Europe, North America, and many parts of Asia, three stars will do! With that being said this hotel was perfect for us. It was beautiful and the service was excellent.

Mandarin Oriental Pool

On the way to Phuket we had time to explore Singapore a bit. John and I usually order room service – a lot but I did a quick search on Google and found out that the Ritz was next door and it had a better rated buffet than the Mandarin Oriental. The Ritz wasn’t as impressive as our hotel because it’s a but older (it was still nice, just not as breathtaking) but the buffet…..I will never forget it! It was a work of art and the options were endless. I would easily travel 15 hours again in anticipation of eating there. Here are a few photos.

Ritz Carlton Pool

We also went to the mall in Singapore located across the street from the Marina Bay Sans hotel. We almost missed our flight because this place was so huge we could barely find our way out! While there, it started to pour down raining and we noticed that the ceiling and the walls of the mall was designed to have the rain land and slide down the top and the sides of the glass building which was really cool. It even had a river inside the mall with an opening on one end so that when it rains, the water falls from the sky into the building and into the river.

Photo from Pinterest since I didn’t catch one of this!


I would not recommend spending an entire honeymoon in Singapore because it’s quite the business city and because alcohol here is very expensive – I like to drink. However, it is a must stop if you’re traveling to Asia and can manage to spend time there. The optimal amount of time would be two to three days if you can!


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