Jardiniere – San Francisco

Jardiniere San Francisco is a high end restaurant in with great reviews and a unique menu. John and I wen’t there on a Friday night after making up after an argument (food is the way to my heart.) This place has “The Impossible” meat which is one reason I was super excited about. This meat is a plant based meat replacement that looks, cooks and tastes like meat! I’ll need to write another post about the Impossible burger because I didn’t order it but I did have the “impossible meat”during dinner and it was delicious!

Let’s talk about the good—> The decor in this space is gorgeous. This is the perfect place to impress a date or out of towners, or even booking a private event. For an appetizer we started with crab chips, Halibut Crudo, and Kibbeh with “The Impossible” meat. First of all, how in the hell do you get crab flavor into a chip? I am not sure but they were like pork rinds but with crab flavor. They were the classiest ratchet animal rind I’ve ever had! They were crispy, light and melted in your mouth. The Halibut crudo was also delicious. It was a fresh and perfect piece of fish but not the best crudo I’ve ever had (I’ve had tons of crud0). I wish it was served just slightly cooler temperature wise.


Kibbeh is a Levantine meat dish that features meat, onions, and bulgur wrapped in dough and fried. Instead of meat from an animal, they used the plant based Impossible meat and it was really really good. I will admit, the texture of the plant based substitute was not 100% spot on. Compared to meat, it does a really good job as a replacement but I’d have to have more of it to really give a final opinion. With that being said, the Kibbeh was still amazing.


Now, the bad: After those three appetizers,  we decided to split an entree and two sides to keep it light. We ordered the “Columbia River Sturgeon,” brussel sprouts, and the house milled polenta. All three items were “meh” to me. The sturgeon was good but not memorable. There was nothing at all that stood out to me about the entree. The brussel sprouts had bacon in them which annoyed me because that was not mentioned on the menu. We ate it anyway picking off the bacon pieces but despite the pork juice the sprouts had no flavor. I literally scanned the table for a salt shaker and there was none so we stopped eating them. The polenta…..Lord the polenta was a hot mess. I am NOT a polenta expert, but I’ve had it a couple times and this was the worst. It tasted like grains…but without seasoning. It was a rather odd taste. I am not sure how something swimming in butter tastes bad but they did it!


Aside from the food the service was terrible. We waited 10 minutes before we were approached by a staff member once we were seated. Our waiter was almost non existent. John and I are very easy going and we almost had to flag him down for service which would have been low class yeah, but we’re ready TO GO! Jardiniere didn’t knock it out of the park for me (it was actually a strike) and I don’t think I’ll be back.

Price: $$$











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