Honest Company Deodorant Review

I am not sure if y’all know this but I am sort of a granola girl. I don’t eat meat, I always buy organic, and I am recently trying to pay more attention to what I put on my body as well. I was shopping at Marshalls (I go there every week) and they had these Honest Company spray deodorants for $3.99 each so I bought two. I’ve been using Donna Karan Cashmere Mist deodorant for at least five years now and it’s amazing but I have no idea what I’m putting near my boobs. I started using the Honest brand for two weeks now and I honestly love them!

  • They’re aluminum, paraben, talc, and fragrance free!
  • They’re not sticky at all and they spray on and air dry.
  • You should re-apply throughout the day as needed (I haven’t needed to take these to work with me to re-apply so it’s not that crucial)

The good: These things smell AMAZING. The Vetiver smells kind of like a cologne but it has a grassy smell to it. I love masculine fragrances so this one is my fav. The Vetiver also fights odor more than the other. The other fragrance is Bergamont-Sage and it has more of a light citrus fragrance.

The bad: Don’t think that you’re going to workout in these things and they will hold up, they won’t. I sweat a lot so I had sweat dripping directly from my armpits down my elbows at the gym while wearing these. If you work in an office, these are perfect – if you work in a factory, you’ll probably need more than this. My fiance doesn’t like them because he says I “smell as If I’m over 45.” He thinks I smell old.  He prefers I wear something more trendy and less natural so that’s a bummer. Overall, I recommend them. Even if you want to give your armpits a break from chemicals every now and then but are too afraid to go without deodorant.

My favorite smell is on sale right now on honestcompany.com!


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