24 Hours In Half Moon Bay

I spent 24 hours in Half Moon Bay on a work retreat and I was surprised how lovely this tiny town is. Half Moon Bay is about an hour drive from San Francisco. Waves from the Pacific Ocean crash into the city’s coast and it has the feeling of an small town near countryside.

Day one was spent on Main street at Pasta Moon. We spent all day at a working session in the restaurant’s private room. The staff there was so amazingly accommodating and the food was good too. The mussels and the shrimp pasta were my favorites but they’re known for their lasagna.

We spent the night at Half Moon Bay Inn which is a one minute walk from Pasta Moon restaurant. This was my favorite part of the retreat. The rooms were clean and cozy. If you’re looking for a luxury hotel, stay at the Four Seasons. If you’re looking for a Bed & Breakfast feel, stay at HMB Inn. The house made soaps made the hotel extra special. I prefer natural products without parabens and harsh chemicals, and while these soaps weren’t that advanced, they smelled great – so I used them anyway. One night won’t hurt! My room even had a shared patio which would come in handy if you were staying with family or kids in the adjoining room.


The next day was spent at Miramar Farms. There are a few farms in Half Moon Bay but Miramar is fully set up for team building and development. The grounds were beautiful and the food they served was made from ingredients from surrounding farms in the area. I recommend HMB as a weekend getaway for people who live in or around San Francisco – the Summer. It managed not to rain the day we spent on the farm but I am sure it is 100 times more beautiful in warm weather. It’s more affordable than Napa or Sonoma County and easily accessible. Driving along the coast, staying in a beautiful Air B&B or Hotel, and enjoying the greenery here would be an amazing weekend getaway!



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