Trestle – San Francisco

I visited Trestle on a Saturday with two friends in the city whom I had a lot of catching up to do. I was excited about my first “pop up” restaurant  experience. I love the SF tiny restaurant experience. Trestle seats about 25 -30 people max. It’s extremely cozy, simple, and beautiful. The menu changes daily at a steal for $35 per person for a three course prix-fixe meal. $35/pp in San Francisco is crazy cheap for a fine dining experience. Wine is the only alcohol served with food but the selection is extensive.

Now let’s get down to what I thought about the experience!

The service was excellent. The staff was attentive without being intrusive and it was great. I don’t eat meat (pescatarian) so I will say that the options given on that nigh’t menu was disappointing. The server also didn’t give me the impression that the dishes were edit friendly. There are only two options per course so that made my dinner choice quite easy. There was one option per course that did not include meat, so that’s what I chose!


20170121_215525I started off with the “Endive & Pear Salad.” Let me say that all of their dishes were aesthetically pleasing. They were thoughtful and beautiful to look at but I hate frisee. Frisee is a very bitter green that tastes like dirty lettuce to me. Have you ever tasted lettuce that needed a good wash? That’s what frisee tastes like on my tongue. Needless to say, I did not enjoy the salad. The pear was juicy and sweet and the salad dressing was perfectly acidic but it was more of a fruit and nut salad for me and I considered it average overall.

For my main course I had the “Mt. Lassen Trout.” I actually don’t remember that much about it which is not a good sign. It was only five days ago. I was just looking forward to a great piece of fish with crispy skin and I was disappointed. The dish wasn’t hot – it was warm. I like my food right out of the skillet, oven, fryer – depending on how it’s prepared and I think the lukewarm temperature was a let down right off of the bat. The sauces were amazing and the veggies were nice but I was not in love.

My final course was a “Campfire S’mores Bar”. Meh Meh Meh. The other option was doughnuts and I didn’t feel like eating a small, dense piece of bread so I chose S’mores. It was marshmallow on top of a chocolate granola bar. I ate two bites and I was over it. I didn’t enjoy nor did I understand the passion fruit sauce on the side. I wasn’t into it and I am a junk food junkie.


Maybe my palette is not as sophisticated as the people on Google Reviews but this place did not win me over. I would’t recommend but hey – the menu changes daily so maybe I caught them on an off night!

Price: $$



2 thoughts on “Trestle – San Francisco

    1. My friends actually did but they ordered traditional meat pasta so i didn’t have any. My friend also said the pasta was a bit overcooked as she prefers al dente. ☺


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