The Truth About Christian Louboutins

This is less of a blog post and more of a PSA – THEY HURT.

We look at women every day on Instagram showing these shoes off next to their expensive handbags and fancy cars but I need you to understand that these women are in pain. These women are suffering and no one is doing anything about it. My fiance bough me a pair of “Red Bottoms” five years ago and I’ve worn them exactly that many times.


DEY HERT! I’ve spoken to multiple women who agree with me. None of them are the wives of ball players or housewives at all – just normal women with normal feet and we won’t have it. One person suggested I get them stretched for comfort. If I owned wooden shoes and went to get them stretched would that make them more comfy? Hell no. They’d just be stretched uncomfortable freaking wooden shoes. I wore these shoes to John’s Holiday work party last year and I thought I was going to loose both my feet. No really, I almost cried. I could barely walk the next day. I don’t believe in taking off cocktail shoes in public so I suffered through it and I haven’t touched them since. I was convinced that if modern slavery came to fruition I would be picking cotton all day in my Louboutin shoes on the streets of San Francisco as my punishment. Don’t y’all dare desire these shoes again…..they’re miserable. I mean, just look at women’s feet when they wear them! Their veins are popping out, they’re all contorted, or they’re not even standing up…smh.



8 thoughts on “The Truth About Christian Louboutins

  1. Having the same trouble! I have a gorgeous pair of ‘Iriza 100 patent’ I absolutely adore them as they were a 21st surprise gift from my boyfriend. But honestly can’t wear them, I’ve also heard to get them stretched which I’m going to try (though I haven’t got a clue where to go)! Let me know if you come up with any miracle solutions! I’ll be gritting my teeth and baring it soon because I can’t let them sit there in a box haha!! xx

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    1. I’ve really thought about inventing a putty to go around my toes just for these shoes! If I come across something like this ill let you know – good luck!!

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      1. I find the toe box extremely narrow and I wouldn’t describe my feet as wide, So they pinch me and that is where the pain comes from I think. Was wondering if this is the same with you? And great idea I would definitely purchase some haha!!


      2. The ones I have are not pointy, they’re round but they hurt all around my entire foot. For you, I recommend going to the store to see if you can exchange them for a larger size. That might be the issue. I tried that with mind and they fit “perfectly” – THEY STILL HURT!


      3. I tried the bigger size they practically fell off my feet, these fit perfectly length ways but they are so tight around the toe box my toes are on top of each other! Its a shame because they’re beautiful shoes!


      4. Wow. Thats so unfortunate. Try to take them to get stretched and let me know how that goes….maybe Nordstrom can recommend a place if you need a starting point!


      5. I don’t think there’s a nordstrom in the uk, well definitely not near me, I reckon I’ll just go back to where I brought them from and ask them to stretch them for me. I will let you know how it goes, fingers crossed haha, thank you!!

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