Brenda’s French Soul food – San Francisco

A staple in SF. Brenda’s is known for their decadent breakfast and long lines but this place is well worth the wait. I live within walking distance of the small restaurant and you can find me there at least once a month even now that I don’t eat meat. They have plenty of seafood options and I would go there for a biscuit and homemade peach preserves regardless of the rest of their menu. When you walk into Brenda’s you won’t be greeted at the door, simply write your name down on the chalkboard and include the number of people in your party next to your name. It’s mandatory that you order biscuits, beignets, gumbo, grits with cheese, and an omelette – any omelette. The real treasure of this place are the beignets. They come in four flavors. Original, Chocolate, Apple, and Crawfish! The Original are light, fluffy, and perfectly cooked. The Chocolate are for chocolate lovers only and they are filled with cocoa goodness but these are my least favorite as I am not a fan of chocolate – I know, go figure. The apple beignets are my absolute favorite. The apples are crispy and sweet with lots of cinnamon with a light sauce that spills out as soon as you take a bite. The crawfish are next on my list. Slightly spicy and savory filled with a delicious crawfish cheese sauce surrounded by fluffy bread.



The service is average as they are designed to get people in and out so please don’t come here to sit around. Get your food, eat slowly and when you’re done, hit the town for sight-seeing!

Price: $



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