My 2017 New Year Resolution

What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

This seems simple, easy, thoughtless, but as I grow older and I get to know myself I have realized that I am hesitant to take risks. Risks can be as small as walking up to someone and asking them about an opportunity or asking for advice. Risks could include being vulnerable and passionate in front of others. Risks could be saying “Forget what you think about what I’m doing because this brings me joy.” Where could I go right now if I let go of fear, hesitancy, other’s expectations, and the most restraining of them all – my own ideas of what is “right and wrong” and just acted?

Let me explain. I say that this phrase has the power to change my life because of my fear of failing or not reaching expectations (whether my own or someone else’s) has kept me from taking risks that were available to me. These passages could have lead me in the wrong direction for sure but, this is less about the past and more about opening the floodgates and allowing positivity to swim upstream and opportunity to come flowing in. I consider myself a person who loves rules. I follow many of the rules created by society, rules I’ve been taught by friends and family, rules I’ve even freaking made up on my own to keep myself “in check.” I work in HR which should tell you something right there. But, as time goes on I’m realizing that most of the rules are complete bull. I’ve seen my fiance destroy policy and I know that if I spent less time holding myself back with guidelines the possibilities are endless. I’m talking about social, economic, and career oriented challenges that put me outside of my comfort zone. The freedom of even thinking of the flexibility available to me with one sentence is inspiring. So, in 2017 before I make any moves, before I even order a freaking sandwich I will ask myself one simple question even if my fearlessness results in a complicated order.



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