The Perfect Accessory

I purchased a $5 ticket to a Gilt City event here in San Francisco. I am a huge Gilt fan, so huge that I look at the website every day for deals. I rarely buy anything because I’m not rich, but sometimes I find great deals. I will first say that this Gilt event was totally not worth it. I felt like I was shopping at a high end Ross store BUT there was one gem that made it all worth while.

I discovered these Miansai accessories which are adorable. They were discounted at $25 per bracelet (or more) and that is a steal compared to the prices online. I’ve worn this thing every day for the last week and I’ve gotten so many compliments on it. The anchor is gold plated and the actual bracelet is faux leather so it gives you that touch of elegance without harming animals. If you can’t splurge on this brand, there are tons of mock bracelets on Etsy that I discovered. It’s really more about the style and less about the brand but if you can afford to splurge on a few of these to stack, they are worth it! Here are some photos!


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