Tata Harper – Luminous Glow Review

I’ve been wanting to do this review for weeks and I am so happy that I have solidified my opinions about the Tata Harper line. I am absolutely in LOVE with this line. First of all, the line is 100% green with no synthetic or toxic ingredients. I don’t like to put chemicals in my body and I definitely am becoming more conscious about what I put on my body as well. I rave about my skin all the time on IG stories and I find that I don’t feel the need to filter all of my videos and pictures due to my few found glowiness (is that a word?). I’ve loved everything about the Harper line since I started using it on 9/25/16. My favorite item that I will purchase over and over is the regenerating cleanser. Here is a review of the full kit.

This kit comes with 4 pieces:

Regenerating Cleanser: Jesus himself blessed us with this cleanser. I love the smell and I love the glow that this cleanser gives me immediately after use and more generously over time. It has a light scrub for a gentle exfoliation that leaves the skin clean and baby smooth. I have issues with scarring from pimples and eczema so I’m always looking for a good exfoliate to renew my skin surface. I have gotten tons and tons of compliments on my skin since using the cleanser and I find myself using less and less foundation. I am obsessed. Keep in mind I’ve always had great skin but I found my skin getting dull over the last few months and this has helped.

Resurfacing Face Mask: This mask has a gel texture. I was confused about how to apply this to my face the first time because of this new texture but you should apply it the same way you apply a cream. Apply a thin layer all over the face and chin, and let dry for 10 minutes. This mask is not tight at all which is nice. It leaves the skin very soft and radiant. afterwards. Whenever my skin feels gross I use the mask and the face-wash together as instructed on the box. Tata suggests applying the cleanser to the skin and layering the mask on top of the face-wash – which is interesting. My skin honestly feels great after the combo.

Illuminating Moisturizer and Eye Creme: These two products are interesting because I don’t think Tata kept dark skinned women in mind when creating these. I call these products my “night makeup.” Sometimes I actually wear the moisturizer underneath my foundation for a nice glow but I mostly wear it at night to bed. A girl has gotta look good in her sleep right? If the moisturizer was a bit deeper in color, I could wear it alone during the day while running errands. Keep in mind this moisturize is meant to lumize dull skin, not to be worn as a foundation but it could be worn as a little something for fair skin. The eye creme is too light and too reflective for my brown skin to wear during the day, but I wear it at night to bed because I love the smell and it makes me glow. My fiance has also complimented the fragrance of the products, saying that I smell “extremely fresh with a hint of apple.”

Overall, I recommend trying a kit from the Tata Harper site first. Just make sure that the cleanser is included since that is the star product! Here is a pic of me today with minimal makeup on while cleaning the house! If you think I’m listening to Mariah, you’re right.




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