The Best Foundation in The World

I had the pleasure of doing some practice wedding photo makeup on my gorgeous friend Angela above. I used my absolute favorite foundation on her dry skin – Graftobian HD Creme Foundation. Graftobian is not a common foundation brand used by makeup artists (on Instagram anyway) but it is used in theater, movies, and drag makeup quite a bit. I have been using this brand for YEARS and you shouldn’t take photos in anything else. No other brand make skin look like skin the way Graftobian does – You’re welcome!

Here are some tips for this creamy foundation:

  • You can’t find this brand in stores to purchase a sampler with multiple shades first, so you can choose the one that works best for you.
  • I have only tried the creme but I have oily and dry skin and I love it.
  • Apply this foundation with a fluffy blending brush. I used ELF Cosmetics “Flawless Concealer” brush on Angela above.
  • Use their lighter shades of foundation as concealer too!
Angela looks gorgeous!

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