How I Afford My Monthly Spa Visit

Some women like to travel, some like to shop,  and some like to be pampered. I like all three but I’m not rich so I am constantly searching for deals to make all of my luxurious dreams come true. I wanted to share a few ways I save on my self papering addiction!


Gilt is a discount site for high end men & women’s fashion & home goods, along with local deals, trips, and much more. I use Gilt to shop for everything – special occasion dresses, gifts for my fiance, and hotel deals. What I love most about Gilt is each and every time I look up the reviews for the deals they share, the businesses have exceptional feedback. They truly vet all of the companies before they do discount deals – so you can be sure that you will receive excellent service. Gilt City allows you to view special spa, gym, and consumer goods in your area. I can always find a good spa or facial deal on Gilt & I have not been let down yet!

Tip: Gilt lets you know how long you have to purchase a deal so you can keep your budget in mind before you buy!


If you’ve been following this blog, you know that I use Groupon for everything! Erethang! Groupon is great because you can find very extensive spa deals for a great price. You can often even receive an extra 20-30% on top of the already low price because Groupon often gives you an extra promo. The only thing you have to keep in mind when purchasing a Groupon deal, is to always check the company reviews before you purchase. Many of the companies are on Groupon because they don’t provide the most excellent service to begin with. Their business may be suffering as a result and you don’t want to spend a dime on a bad time. 90% of the time when I check out the company reviews before I purchase a Groupon I am more than satisfied with the service, but there have been a few moments where despite the good reviews, I still have a terrible time. For example, last month I had the driest massage in the history of massages from a guy who had great reviews – blah.

Tip: Read the fine print! Sometimes you can buy two of the same Groupon which covers you for two months instead on one. Sometimes the Groupon is for new customers only and if you’ve visited that spa before, they won’t honor it.

The fourth and final thing you should do is is simply subscribe to the spa’s email list when you have a great experience. There are at least 6 spas that email me monthly from San Francisco to Dallas to keep me in the loop on product & spa specials. It makes total sense to revisit a place that you loved and spas also send specials to their beloved return customers.

Here are a few of my favorite spas in Dallas and SF.

Spa810 (Dallas) – My mom and I have been here a few times and each location is amazingly great. It is not an extremely luxurious place, but their massage therapists are professional and talented.

ZaZa Spa (Dallas) – Luxury spa in a small boutique hotel that has an amazingly relaxing & romantic setting.

Project Zen (SF) – Thai massages that will rejuvenate & reset your entire body. This is my go to spa in the bay.

Farmhouse Inn (Napa) – Luxurious spa , hotel, and restaurant. They have a garden on site where they grow veggies and their spa just finished a multi million dollar renovation.

Cocoon Urban Day Spa (SF) – Amazing day spa. Perfect manis and pedis and even more perfect massages. Ask for “Zeke” he is the bomb!



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