48 Hours In Hawaii

I have totally been M.I.A for the last few days, right? Well I have the best comeback post ever. Here is an overview of the 48 hours I spent in Honolulu this weekend.

Honolulu is only a five hour flight from San Francisco so it’s the perfect way to spend a three day weekend if you live on the west coast. Was it enough time? Is it ever? Hell no – but I did have a great time there and here are a few things you have to do if you spend time there.

Day One: I flew in on Friday morning and spent my entire morning/afternoon on the beach. The beach is the ultimate hang out spot in Honolulu. It is crowded so it’s perfect for people watching and there are surfers galore waiting for the waves to reach them. Waikiki beach is where we hung out and the water was very warm and very salty. The one thing I didn’t like about the beach is the sand. On the shore the sand was moderately soft but one foot into the water were a bed of rocks. Rocks that destroyed the soles of my feet for the rest of the trip. They were sore and tender to the touch!


After that John and I had the worst lunch ever at a restaurant in our hotel called Shore Bird Restaurant. The food was bad, the service was worse. It’s a shame because the view was amazing. The pina coladas were delicious but I wasn’t tipsy after two so that was a disappointment as well.

Afterward, it was time to explore the city! Our hotel was walking distance to shops and restaurants and we strolled and enjoyed the 80 degree weather. We went into all of my favorite stores and souvenir shops. I purchased a Hawaiian Sarong and we took photos of the scenery like this surf lineup below. Looking back, I didn’t take enough photos. I really like to soak in my vacations so taking pictures is not top of mind, but there was so much culture here that I didn’t capture.


That night we had an amazing dinner at Tanaka of Tokyo. The dinner was perfect but after three pina coladas I quickly realized that Honolulu probably pre-makes all of their frozen beverages. Order real drinks in Honolulu.

Day Two: John had a speaking engagement at the University of Hawaii. The campus was nice but it featured more concrete that I’d hoped for. I did notice exotic birds on the campus though and that was pretty cool. The buildings on the campus were also architecturally beautiful. I noticed a vegan FroYo place across the street from the campus called Banan. I decided to enjoy a banana, papaya, & turmeric smoothie that was really good, amazingly good if you take into consideration that it is vegan!

Charles Atherton House – UH on campus housing

Our lunch spot deserves a post of it’s own! We had lunch at House Without a Key in the Halekulani hotel. The hotel was am-ma-zing! The Halekulani not only had a beautiful & open setting, but it had mini art exhibits and shops that I couldn’t afford. I witnessed a few couples getting married at this hotel and it is the perfect setting for an intimate ceremony. The lunch at House Without a Key was even better than the view and the service was impeccable. I had a Mai Tai that hit the spot and the best fried fish I have ever had. I was more than pleased with this lunch. Go to the House Without a Key for the BREAD ALONE! The bread was delicious.


Day Three: On my final morning in Honolulu I just HAD to go to a restaurant that I’ve had bookmarked for a year called Scratch Kitchen & Bake Shop. So before my 1:30pm flight, I took a cab to downtown Honolulu and enjoyed breakfast at Scratch. I went for the “Milk & Cereal Pancakes” but I was unable to order them because they couldn’t get the consistency of the batter right and I didn’t have a lot of time to wait. The server let me taste the condensed milk syrup for the pancakes and it was delicious. Instead, I enjoyed a jalapeno margarita, cheesy grits, and creme brulee bread pudding. The bread pudding was quite heavy for breakfast but delicious. The cheesy grits and margarita were fantastic and I don’t even like grits! There was not a grit left of the plate when I was through.


All in all I had an amazing time in Hawaii and I can’t wait until my next exploration! If you plan on visiting Honolulu & have questions just let me know!



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