3 reasons you MUST go to Sausalito if you visit ‘The Bay’

My fiance and I took an impromptu trip around The Bay today – or what felt like a trip (lol). After spending an hour or so people and sailboat watching on the Chrissy Field  beach with our dog, we accidentally drove across the Golden Gate bridge. We could have turned around but after seeing the traffic on the way back we thought, why not just go to Sausalito and hang out for a bit. It had been a while since we’d been up north so we went for it. This brought back memories of us living in Marin and coming to Sausalito on the weekends to sit in the sun and it was the perfect day for that. Here are my favorite things about this tiny town:

PicMonkey Collage (10)

Bill Dan Balancing Rocks: Bill is a guy, a random guy, who stacks odd rocks right on the edge of the sea. He stacks for hours upon hours and it’s quite fascinating to watch. He uses the most unique rock combos  and what seems like magic to make them stay put. He also has four stars on Tripadvisor. That’s Bill in the hat.

DSC00090 (1)

The View: From Sausalito you get a breathtaking view of the San Francisco skyline. My fiance and I talked about how it’s almost too perfect – like a painting or a huge hologram. I did’t think too much about this but it looks surreal, that’s the point. This view combined with the warm weather difference from the city is enough to make the trek up north worth while.

DSC00087 (2)

Lappert’s Ice Cream: Many of the flavors are unique but really, what more do I need to say? ICE CREAM. That is cinnamon caramel goodness you see above. This is the only cinnamon caramel ice cream I’ve ever had and it is delicious.


You’re welcome.


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