What I Think: Fresh Cosmetics Soy Cleanser & Rose Face Mask

We all love Sephora don’t we? I received these samples from Sephora about a month ago and I’ve been using them sporadically by inserting them into by beauty routine in place of my regular products. Here is what I think:

Soy Face Cleanser: The cleanser was very gentle – almost too gentle for me lol. I really enjoy exfoliates and scrubs so having a cleanser that was so gentle and gel-like made me wonder whether the product was doing anything. The description of this product mentions that it is great for removing makeup – false! It is not good for removing the 1/2 inch of makeup I wear on my face honey, but it does leave your skin very soft and supple. I would recommend this cleanser for someone who has dry and sensitive skin. I do have eczema breakouts and this is a nice product for those with eczema or similar rough skin issues. With that being said, I would not purchase this cleanser for myself because it does not address the issues that are on the top of my list (even skin tone, blemish preventing, pores).

Rose Face Mask: I will first say that I typically hate the smell of rose, but I could bathe in this rose face mask. I don’t know if I’m getting old or what but this mask smelled amazing. It goes on clear and dries clear as well. The mask is very gentle. It doesn’t dry tight nor does it dry out the skin. After rinsing this mask off you will feel smooth, soft, moisturized, and baby supple skin underneath. This is a great mask to apply before makeup as it leaves a very soft foundation for – foundation! The price is quite steep ($62) for a product that does not provide a noticeable difference after a month. I didn’t see much of a difference in my skin but again, if you have dry skin this is a perfect choice. I would consider purchasing this mask and Fresh’s other rose products because the rose scent made me feel so sexy!


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