OK, I get it. I can’t out-exercise my diet.

I have given up…or, I’m going to give up trying to eat whatever I want and still see my abs. The two darn things just don’t add up! My entire family calls my mom and I “Junk Food Junkies.” We LOVE sugar. My parents and I used to eat ice cream every night before bed growing up (my mom and dad still do) and although I only eat it a few nights a week – that’s still too much. I know that a banging body is generally 75% diet and exercise is 25%. Well, my diet has been about 35%. This is total BS but I want abs! Truthfully, I don’t want them as much as I need them before I bear children so from now on I have to take my diet seriously. I hope that you all are ready to support me on my journey of salads and apple cider vinegar. My hope is that my abs look way better than warm brownies and vanilla ice cream tastes.

I will follow up in two weeks!


3 thoughts on “OK, I get it. I can’t out-exercise my diet.

    1. Is Keto the name of the guy that will walk around with me and slap all bad things out of my hands….and thoughts. Yeah, I need someone to slap me lol I will be seriously cutting the sugar and carbs though


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