Cheap Swap: High End Chokers

I am officially a Californian. And one thing you should know about California girls; they LOVE chokers! I’ve recently become 100% obsessed with chokers (I bought five last week) but while searching, I realized that paying $40- $55 for one was just not going to happen. Then, Forever 21 saved the day with $4.90 chokers in many different shapes and sizes.  I am surprised that many of the chokers I purchased last week are no longer available online however, I love that because it reduces the chances of having the same style as other girls on the street. The choker above on the left is Loren Olivia’s Faux Suede Choker from Nordstrom. The choker above on the right is Forever 21’s Beaded Layered Choker. The style of these chokers are very similar. The feather detailing at the bottom and the layered beaded details at the top. Call me cheap all you want, but also call me cute when you see me rocking my cheap choker.


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