Why I Stopped Getting Lash Extensions

You will soon learn that I am a beautyholic. I am open to making tweaks (small for now but in the future who knows!) to myself to boost my confidence or feel pretty because – why the hell not! I started getting extensions last December around the holidays and because I literally have no lashes. I also wanted to stop wearing eye shadow and I knew that this would keep my eyes beautiful 24/7. The extensions really worked. I had a great Japanese esthetician here in San Francisco who used hypo allergenic products straight from Japan and she was super skilled! I don’t believe my troubles were at all her fault but, here a few of the issues I experienced:

  1. They POKED MY EYES! When my lashes would grow out, if the wind blew the wrong way, or my lashed were wiggled, the base of the extension would bend back and poke me in the eye. It would not hurt THAT bad  (I’ve experienced more pain for beauty) but I just received LASIK eye surgery on my eyes in January and I know how precious sight is – I am not willing to risk it for lashes. This would happen at least 4 times a week.
  2. My Eyelids. They were super hard to clean to me. I had to use Q tips and soap and water each day to clean around them. I was not wearing eye shadow or other eye products but my eye area still seemed to need cleaning – weird. I also could not use oil based products around my eyes and I find that those products clean the best.
  3. I didn’t want to get married in them. John & I shot our engagement photos in April of this year and when I got my makeup done, my artist put fake lashes on top of my extensions. This happened for two reasons – makeup got all over my extensions and could not be removed. Also, my extensions were not as bold as I wanted for my photo shoot. At that point I realized how much I missed wearing lash strips. They are super versatile and you can go as big or a subtle as you want without having to stick to the same style for a month.

I really loved the way that my lashes looked with extensions but I haven’t been wearing them for a month and I don’t miss them.



5 thoughts on “Why I Stopped Getting Lash Extensions

  1. I do love the way the extension look, an of course they make make-up in the morning much quicker. But I hate the way they grow out, an you end up with gaps all over the place. Strip lashes can be a pain but at least, you can give your eyes a good run an clean. I love the feel of no make-up in the evening.

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    1. Yes! And I love the fact that at night I can wear two pairs of strips for a dramatic affect and then no lashes at work if I’m feeling lazy! Thanks for reading.


      1. I am soooo not a lash snob like others because I like my lashes pretty and cheap! I will give you my top three (you will see a trend here – I love lashes that elongate the eye). Mac 44 Lashes (very dramatic) Laflare Pointed Silk Lash (very subtle and cheap, & you can stack two of these for a pretty full look) Georgie Lashes in No2. (pretty and perfect).


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