DIY: Make your own closet freshener

I’m completely obsessed with smelling like a goddess. Growing up I always felt like my parent’s house smelled like food and not a fragrance. I longed for my house to have wonderful vanilla or jasmine scent at all times, so I am constantly searching for ways to incorporate a  beautiful scent into my life. Diptyque has a home “Oval” that you can hang in your closet or on doorknobs and its keeps the area smelling fresh. While I love the Diptyque ovals, I didn’t want to drop $100 on two for my closet so I thought I would make my own! I purchased two $6.99 Castelbel “Freesia & Pear” scented soaps and two $1.99 soap pouches from Word Market. The total cost was less than $19. You can choose any soap you’d like and you may also need string. My soap came with rope, so I used that.

PicMonkey Collage
You can hang these anywhere. I hung both of these in my closet in between my clothes. 

If you’re too lazy for this DIY,  purchase the Diptyque Ovals here. GO AHEAD!


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